Biden ‘Spreads More Lies’ About The Republican Party

While Biden was running to be president in 2020, he consistently talked about turning down the heated temperatures in America’s political climate.

During Biden’s inaugural speech over one year ago, he made sure to throw in rhetoric about ending divides between red vs. blue. However, all of this turned out to be nothing more than a sham.

In the 14 months that Biden’s held the Oval Office, he’s been arguably one of the most divisive presidents in US history. Biden is on record telling right-wing governors who don’t do what he wants to “get out of the way.”

Likewise, the president thought it was appropriate to compare supporters of the Senate filibuster to racist advocates of segregation from the past.

At every turn, Biden goes out of his way to lie about Republicans and spread falsehoods that he believes will politically benefit himself and the Democrat Party.

As Twitchy reports, the president chose this week as a time to spew even more falsehoods.

During a Black History Month celebration event at the White House, the 46th president falsely declared Republicans are on a mission to stop votes from black Americans from being counted in elections.

It isn’t the first time that Biden or Democrats have made demonstrably untrue claims of this nature about the GOP. However, when Biden said this at the White House, he expected to win political brownie points.

It didn’t turn out so well, though. Only one audience member could be heard clapping at the Black History Month event. The rest of the room appeared very silent and not all that impressed.

Many people on social media sites, such as Twitter, said Biden’s lie about the GOP wanting to stop black voters from having a say in elections was an attempt to pander to white leftists.

Others pointed out Biden’s history of repeatedly making untrue statements of this nature.

The timing of Biden making erroneous claims about the Republican Party is not a coincidence.

Like other Democrats, the president is very much aware of the reality that Republicans are going to emerge victorious from the congressional midterms in November. Biden also knows that in the wake of various failures associated with his presidency, both he and his party are on life support.

Biden believes the only way out is lying and vilifying the opposition in light of these details. However, all the president is doing is ensuring that Democrats lose one election after the other.