Biden Snubbed at Summit of the Americas

While Mexico is doing little in allowing their criminals to make their way illegally into the United States, Mexico’s president has been consistently snubbing the Biden administration.

President Joe Biden’s attempts at “unity” never seem to be unifying and his latest plot with the Summit of the Americas seems to be following that trend.

The summit was supposedly created to create more unity with the United State’s geographical neighbors while discussing the economy and immigration issues. However, Mexico is boycotting the event, which may lead to other countries dropping out.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) doesn’t appear to be the biggest fan of Biden’s, to begin with. AMLO turned heads when he refused to recognize Joe Biden as the legitimate president after the highly contested 2020 presidential election. He then relented after the formal Electoral College vote was cast.

The border crisis continues to worsen and with the Biden administration halting the border wall that was started under President Donald Trump.

The administration elected not to invite dictator-driven countries to the summit – Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. This appeared to be the tipping point for Mexicans not wanting to attend. Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, and Mexico are four of the top countries where illegal immigrants leave to come to the United States. The countries have all stated that they will not attend the summit if the other countries are not invited.

The summit is nothing new as this one is the ninth one since the 1990s. AMLO has been vocal about his boycott for weeks, but it appears the Biden administration did not take his threat seriously.

As inflation, supply chain issues, mass shootings, and immigration crisis worsen, the summit’s poor performance is just another tick on Biden’s failure list.

“There’s always questions about the invites, there’s always questions about who is coming and who is not, but we should also talk about and focus on what the purpose of this meeting is,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a roundabout way when pressed about the situation. “I think if you’ve been following this administration for the past year and a half, one week is not the eleventh hour when it comes to how things move. And so that is a lifetime away for us as a White House.”

Twenty-three countries will be present at the summit and it will be a guessing game if the United States and Mexico can come to any agreement on immigration in the future.