Biden Slammed By The Public For Out Of Touch Remarks On Inflation

Both Joe Biden and the aides working in his administration have been burying their heads in the sand regarding inflation.

The White House has attempted to write off inflation as everything from just “high-class problems” to “transitory.” Then, when these claims didn’t stick, Biden declared that it was the responsibility of the Federal Reserve to make inflation disappear.

Last week, Biden spoke before the country when he delivered the State of the Union Address. At multiple points, the president talked about inflation. In so doing, he revealed how out of touch he is on this matter, thereby drawing the backlash of the American public, as PJ Media explains.

Amid the State of the Union Address, the president proclaimed that ending inflation would drive down costs rather than wages. Biden then spoke about increasing US innovation, jobs, goods, etc.

However, a critical missing piece from all of Biden’s proclamations was the acknowledgment that his policies have created inflation and continue to stand in the way of the solutions Biden cited to end inflation.

The president didn’t want to get too far into the weeds on this point. However, Americans are holding his feet to the fire. The American Enterprise Institute, for starters, noted that Biden conveniently didn’t list out the step-by-step policies needed to curb inflation.

Similar criticism also came from the Cato Institute. According to the Cato Institute, merely buying goods made in the United States will not drive down the current inflation rates.

Biden talked about inflation during his State of the Union Address as if ending it was so clear cut. Yet, if this is the case, then it makes the president even worse for having an inflation crisis that is still ongoing and crippling the financial futures of the working class.

Last week, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh was asked by the media about inflation. It occurred in an interview. Therefore, Walsh didn’t have the luxury of rattling off generic things without being questioned about an execution plan.

The labor secretary was expressly asked about how the Biden administration plans to ensure that inflation is no longer a problem for the American people. When faced with this direct question, the best Walsh could come up with was mentioning that various conversations in the White House are ongoing about the matter.

From Biden to his labor secretary on down, it couldn’t be more apparent that this administration has no clue what it’s doing on inflation, economics or much of anything else.