Biden Reveals His “Shocking Ignorance” On Firearms

On Thursday, Joe Biden went to New York City to grandstand and airs of crime concerns. The reality is this President is using New York City’s staggering crime crisis as a trojan horse to usher in despotic, unconstitutional gun control measures.

There’s no greater proof of this than Biden refusing to call out matters in the community that is directly linked to higher crime rates. One of them deals with the Manhattan district attorney, who is about as soft on crime as anyone can get.

Meanwhile, New York City has determined that it’s a good move to let go of police officers who choose not to get the coronavirus vaccine. Both of these stupid policies go hand in hand with higher crime rates; yet, the 46th President never said a word about it.

However, Biden did make some completely outrageous and false remarks about Glock firearms, exposing his utter ignorance of guns, as TheBlaze points out.

While peddling his anti-American gun control agenda, the sitting President declared that Glock handguns could carry “40 rounds” of ammunition. Biden didn’t stop there. His rhetoric became even more obscene upon professing that Glocks are, therefore, “weapons of war.”

Later, Biden boasted about his time in the Senate. He specifically referenced his work to get senseless restrictions imposed upon magazines and “these weapons.” From this point, Biden claimed he sees no reason why firearms of this nature should be sold.

Presumably, the President referenced the Glock handguns that he believes are “weapons of war” carrying “40 rounds” of ammunition.

Believe it or not, Biden’s remarks about guns and the Second Amendment got more disturbingly into the weeds.

By this President’s admission, he believes the amendments in the United States Constitution are not “absolute.” Biden then continued, declaring the Second Amendment doesn’t imbue US citizens with the right to possess “any kind of” firearm.

Finally, the President declared that no American should be allowed to purchase what he referred to as “assault weapons.”

Biden’s misguided remarks from Thursday about constitutional amendments not being “absolute” fall into an unfortunate pattern.

The 46th President made this same statement back in 2021. Last year, he was also downplaying the legality of the US Constitution as a means of pushing for a radical gun control agenda.

Biden’s outlandish remarks about Glocks, “weapons of war,” and the Second Amendment follows reports that the ATF harbors a registry of nearly one billion firearms purchases.