Biden ‘Ratchets Up’ Attacks Against Republicans

During the 2020 presidential election, when Joe Biden pretended to be an easygoing, moderate Democrat, most conservatives and Republicans could see through it. After all, it’s easy to smile and play nice when you’re trying to get elected.

In any event, the past year of Biden’s presidency has been nothing more than a lucid confirmation about everything the political right expected in regards to Biden.

Since getting in office, the 46th President has been more polarizing than just about anyone to win a White House election.

Last week, Biden accused Republicans of being today’s versions of segregationists due to GOP opposition against killing the Senate filibuster. So much for the President’s inaugural address when he talked about healing the left and right hate.

According to National Review, amid Republicans getting Biden’s vaccine mandates shut down and ensuring the filibuster remains in place, he is amping up his attacks against the political right.

During an online event with the Democratic National Committee, Biden made it a point to assert that there isn’t anything the Republican Party stands for. It came against the backdrop of the President once more vocalizing his disappointment with the Senate filibuster staying in place.

The 46th President then proceeded with lies about Republicans supposedly standing in the way of Americans voting in US elections. Later, Biden went on to vent about the proposals he allegedly made regarding coronavirus, inflation, and more.

During his anti-Republican tirade, Biden failed to mention that none of his so-called proposals had generated any success. He talked about defeating COVID. It’s still alive and well, mutating into various strains.

The President claimed to have had proposals to end inflation; yet, the identical spending bills he and Democrats passed in early to mid-2021 are responsible for the inflation crisis.

Republicans stand for life, freedom, individual liberty, the free market, capitalism, public safety, family values, and more. Likewise, Republicans stand against tyranny, lawlessness, and chaos.

Over the past two years, Democrats have shown tyranny, lawlessness, and chaos to be the misguided values that they stand for. It explains why states like New York and California won’t let you into a restaurant without showing COVID vaccine papers.

Biden can continue to lie about the GOP all he wants. Yet, it is as easy as it’s ever been to see through these falsehoods at the end of the day. Biden and his party are terrified of losing the midterms in November. They will therefore say anything they believe can help them out.