Biden’s Presidency Has Dealt Democrats A Major Blow

Many Americans are collectively scratching their heads and wondering what’s wrong with the Biden administration. Since Biden’s taken office, inflation rates have surged, significantly beating out the growth of wages and jobs in the United States. 

Meanwhile, everyday Americans are left shelling out more money for gas, food, rent, and virtually every necessity across the board. From an objective standpoint, it’s an absolute nightmare, yet the White House acts like everything is fine and dandy. 

It’s also worth noting that in the middle of this economic crisis, the White House is trying to rip away workers from businesses and jobs from Americans with an oppressive COVID vaccine mandate.

All of this barely marks the tipping point. However, the longer the Biden presidency drags on, the more it collectively backfires on the Democrat Party, as TheBlaze has drawn attention to.

Since the inception of Biden’s presidency, Republicans warned this leadership is a shining example of why Democrats should not be in power. Now, American voters are starting to say the same thing. 

Virginia resident Juan Pérez spoke with the leftist Telemundo News days ago. Pérez revealed the leadership of President Biden turned him into a Republican, given the horrific state of America under the current administration. 

Pérez also confirmed he voted for Youngkin in the Virginia gubernatorial election last week. He likewise made a point of blasting Biden over inflation and rightfully observing that “everything” is horrific at this point. 

If Democrats think Juan Pérez is the only person thinking this way, then they’re not paying attention. The reality is that Biden won Virginia handily during the 2020 presidential election. Therefore, in light of Youngkin’s victory, it is statistically sound to say that many of Biden’s 2020 voters became Youngkin voters last week. 

Despite the outcome of the Virginia election, Democrats have yet to demonstrate even an iota of self-awareness. Instead, they’re now alleging they didn’t win Virginia because they haven’t gone far enough in passing legislation. 

For some peculiar reason, the left seems unable to grasp that their plan is wholly unwanted and unpopular. There’s a reason why a recent poll shows 71% of Americans believe the United States is on the wrong track. 

As long as Democrats and the president remain in denial about this reality, they will keep converting their base into Republicans. Quite frankly, the 2022 midterms cannot get here quickly enough. It’s going to be a red wave to the likes of which America has never seen before.