Biden Praises DeSantis For Ian Relief Efforts

Over the past few months, political rivals, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and President Joe Biden, have exchanged words of criticism and disagreement about policy and other things in the political world. But DeSantis has foced praise from Biden.

Politico recounts the meeting like this: “DeSantis thanked Biden for the collaboration between the federal government and the state. And Biden…praised DeSantis’ efforts. ‘I think he’s done a good job,’ Biden told reporters. He added, ‘we have very different political philosophies, but we’ve worked hand in glove.’”

As Biden praised DeSantis for his recovery efforts, other liberal media hosts and journalists, like the one in the video below, tried to attack DeSantis in the midst of the recovery effort in his state.

Victor Hanson, a journalist for the National Review, coined the word “Katrinization,” a reference to when President Bush was working through Katrina relief efforts and was vilified for something that he had no control over.

The journalist in the above video, along with others like the hosts of “The View,” began to do the same thing with DeSantis, but as you can see in the video above, he shut them down quickly. DeSantis has worked so quickly and efficiently that even Biden, his potential opponent in the 2024 Presidential election had to praise him.