Biden Panned For Trying To Make America A Socialist Nation

The president of the United States is trying to morph America into a socialist nation. This reality is abundantly clear by the Biden administration’s policies. It’s more apparent than ever as they continue to lie about the consequences of the Build Back Better plan. 

Between the southern border, bottleneck-ridden supply chain, and so much more, America has enough problems. The last thing we need is for Biden’s catastrophic bill to become law, causing even more catastrophes.

On Friday, Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn spoke about the danger of Biden’s Build Back Better plan, as Breitbart News documents. 

During a sit-down with Fox News, Blackburn didn’t hold anything back. The Tennessee Republican explained the current “socialist wish list” Democrats are trying to ram through the federal government is something the left’s been after for years. 

According to Blackburn, Democrats are aiming to control just about every single aspect of Americans’ lives. It entails the nation’s populace’s bank accounts, businesses, healthcare, education, etc. 

Democrats are furthermore dead set on forcing the Green New deal on Americans and adding trillions of dollars to the national debt without a care in the world. Sen. Blackburn moreover revealed the end game of all this is total control at the hand of Democrats.

Finally, the congresswoman declared the Build Back Better plan is proof that “climate” is the “god” Democrats worship, as they seek to force a “socialist model” on the United States at large.

Every single remark from Sen. Blackburn was spot on. Democrats and President Biden do seek to impose socialism on the United States. At the same time, the political left wants to eliminate anything that so much as remotely resembles freedom, privacy, capitalism, or individualism. 

Right now, Democrats are having a tough time reaching an agreement on Biden’s plan and getting enough votes for the legislation to appear on Biden’s desk to be signed into law. 

Republicans must pull out all the stops and ensure Democrats fail in forcing this brand of socialism on the American people. Furthermore, it is critical for the Republican Party to regain control of the Senate and the House of Representatives in 2022. 

With a Congress controlled by the GOP, Biden and his progressive radicals will be permanently barred from pushing a socialist wish list through Congress. These are very tumultuous times that we’re all living in as Americans.