Biden On Track To Make History As President, But Not In A Good Way

It is astounding to witness the damage Joe Biden has done in less than 12 months of being president of the United States. He first managed to take a sledgehammer to energy independence by pulling the plug on Keystone Pipeline and the 11,000 jobs which came along with it. 

Shortly after that, Biden haphazardly pulled American troops out of Afghanistan, getting 13 service members killed in the process. Since then, the 46th president has taken a litany of additional destructive actions. 

Some examples include opening the southern border, pushing medical mandates that the Federal Court of Appeals has halted, and causing bottlenecks in the supply chain. 

With all this (and more) happening in America less than one year into Biden’s term, Fox News has rightfully pointed out that Biden is on track to become the worst president the United States has ever endured. 

On Saturday, Fox News host Jesse Watters spoke the truth to power regarding the reality of Biden’s presidency. Watters pointed out the “horrible” job Biden’s doing, furthermore noting how most of the country sees Biden as incompetent. 

Watters didn’t stop there, though. He kept the truth bombs coming, declaring that even Democrats aren’t too keen on Biden being their nominee in the 2024 election season. The Fox News host explained that no one in America expected matters to take such an abrupt turn for the worse so early into Biden’s presidency. 

Finally, Watters proceeded to note the president needs the mainstream media to prop him up as much as possible because he’s “underwater.” After noting Biden’s laughable 38% approval rating, Watters also stated the various scandals surrounding Ashley Biden and Hunter Biden, some of the president’s children. 

Watching the Biden presidency play out in real-time is akin to watching a trainwreck in slow motion. There are so many ways this president has screwed up less than one year in; Watters hit the nail on the head yesterday. 

Unless Biden resigns, is impeached and convicted, or is forced out of office via the 25th Amendment, the nation is sadly stuck with him until January 2025. 

For this reason, the Republican Party must take back not only Congress but also governorships, mayorships, and other elected offices nationwide. The Biden administration’s destructive path has as many forces as possible to counter and block this president. 

Who knows what stunts this president will try to pull over the next three years?