Biden Now Bears ‘Full Responsibility’ For COVID

The series of lies that Joe Biden holds about COVID is too long to cite in one setting. However, the greatest lie of all from the 46th president is that he had some grand master plan to do away with this virus once and for all.

Biden repeatedly said this during his 2020 presidential election campaign trail. Biden also insisted that Trump was feckless and ineffective in handling the virus. Yet, as it turns out, Biden’s presidency has shown that Trump was more effective after all.

When Trump was president, Americans weren’t facing multiple variants of the virus. In less than one year of being president, Biden oversaw more COVID deaths than Trump did throughout his entire term.

At this point, Biden has reached an end where he bears full responsibility for COVID, as notably pointed out by PJ Media.

Days before the president, Biden declared that he would get COVID under control. He then issued a series of mandates that only worsened COVID, furthered the spread, and added to the labor shortage crisis.

Judging from Biden’s actions, he believed all he had to do to get COVID under control was issue mask mandates, along with vaccine mandates, and then dig in his heels. None of these mandates stopped the Delta and Omicron versions of the virus from coming into existence.

Now that Biden’s so-called master plan to “defeat the virus” has failed, he’s backtracking. The 46th president is now saying that states ultimately have to take the lead in finding a solution to handling the virus. Biden additionally went on record as noting that there’s no solution that the federal government can enact.

In October 2021, public health officials advised the Biden administration to significantly increase testing for the virus. However, the White House dismissed this advice, saying that doing this wasn’t practical.

In light of the failure associated with Biden’s mandates, the administration has since changed its tune and worked to set up various testing facilities across the United States. It has been a disaster, seeing as individuals have been waiting in hours-long lines and even sometimes passing out as they wait to be tested.

The White House also discussed getting at-home COVID tests available to Americans nationwide. However, this plan has yet to fruition.

To recap, Biden got into office amid his promises of making COVID disappear. He has since failed to make this happen. Now, he’s trying to pass the buck and do damage control to avoid the political fallout coming in the 2022 midterm elections.