Biden May Decline To Run During 2024 Presidential Election

America isn’t even one year into the Joe Biden presidency. Yet, it’s already become worse than even Biden’s fiercest critics imagined. There was never much doubt that Biden would do a terrible job as president. 

However, many Americans are blown away by just how terrible a job the 46th president has done in less than 12 months. Biden’s created a situation where America is vulnerable to attacks from terrorist organizations. That’s thanks to his bungled pull-out from Afghanistan and the open southern border. 

The president is also responsible for Americans suffering inflation rates that haven’t been seen in decades. Let’s not also forget the blows Biden’s dealt with U.S. energy independence, the supply chain, and more. 

However, in a recent interview, a former Democrat senator with close ties to Biden states the 46th president may decline to launch a re-election campaign, according to PJ Media

Days ago, former Sen. Chris Dodd spoke with the press about Biden’s presidency and his future in the political world. The Connecticut Democrat declared while he is personally all for Biden pursuing a second presidential term, there’s a serious possibility of it not happening. 

Back in March, Biden stated he planned to run for re-election. However, since March, the president’s tenure has taken several turns for the worst. He’s down in multiple polls. Meanwhile, growing Americans view Biden as incompetent, incapable of handling crises, and suffering from a lack of focus on issues voters care about the most. 

In a hypothetical re-election campaign, Biden would have virtually no positives to boast about. The president wouldn’t be able to campaign on having unified the nation. It is something Biden promised to do during his inaugural address back in January. 

Likewise, Biden wouldn’t be able to boast about his work on foreign policy, the economy, immigration, the supply chain, or even on handling COVID. All in all, there’s no viable path for Biden to seek re-election in 2024. There are no severe positives for the president to run on.

If Dodd is correct and Biden declines to seek another presidential term, Kamala Harris would likely set her sights on another presidential run. As the vice president, Harris is the most viable candidate the Democrat Party would turn their attention to nominating, should Biden remove himself from the equation. 

However, the tricky thing is that Harris’ approval numbers are even worse than Biden has. Either way, it’s not looking suitable for the Democrat Party come the next presidential election season.