Biden Makes Horrible Attempt To ‘Psychoanalyze’ Americans

Since the 2020 presidential election, it’s been more than apparent that Joe Biden is not all there regarding his psychological state.

During countless times on the campaign trail, Biden lost his train of thought, stumbled over his words, paused at awkward times, and otherwise said things that made no sense by any stretch of the imagination.

Biden’s psychological decline has worsened since worming his way into the US presidency and becoming increasingly prominent. Meanwhile, as the President’s policies and leadership continue to bring neverending waves of disaster, Biden appears to have fallen victim to a new delusion.

As documented by RedState, Biden’s latest delusion involves him believing he is in the position to psychoanalyze the American public.

In very public remarks, the 46th President declared that COVID had thrust the American people into a psychological state where they’re somehow incapable of experiencing happiness.

Biden then went on to oddly profess that things have “gotten so much better” for many folks in the nation who supposedly can’t see it. The President also made sure to directly point out his ill-informed belief that things have gotten better for Americans on an economic level.

Suffice it to say, since making such statements wildly at odds with reality. The President has taken a lot of heat. As seen on social media and other forums, many Americans honestly wonder what world Biden is living in.

The truth is that things have not improved for Americans, especially when it comes to economic matters. Wages are lower, inflation is higher, and job reports are messy.

Meanwhile, a recent poll shows that nearly six out of ten people believe the United States is going through a recession. If Biden indeed views this as “so much better,” then it is time to invoke the 25th Amendment.

In light of what this sitting President has done to the economy, the southern border, America’s reputation on the world stage, and more, many folks understandably believed that Biden couldn’t sink any lower.

However, Biden’s laughable attempt to psychoanalyze the American people, along with his absurd claims that things are “so much better” for folks economically, has proven this belief to be wrong.

At this point, it’s highly questionable how the United States will get through another 2.5 years with this sorry excuse of a president in office.