Biden Makes False Claims That Put White House in Frenzy

On Thursday, the White House cleaned up after President Biden made a false claim regarding renewable energy. Biden stated that the true answer to the current gas price problem is to decrease the use of fossil fuels completely.

Joe Biden backed his renewable energy plan, as he stated that the Americans should accept all types of modern technology that runs completely without fossil fuels and adopt more indigenous clean energy solutions.

Biden claims that switching from gasoline to electric vehicles will help Americans save almost $80 every month. Then he said that installing sustainable energy sources in the home will help save an average American family almost $500 every month.

However a new statement was put up by the White House that changed it from “per month” to “per year”.

However many were quick to catch the flaw before the correction. The Associated Press posted a fact check online. Most Americans spend less than $500 dollars a month to begin with. They further explained that even in a year or years actually no one will be able to make much of a difference because of the installation cost of equipment like heat pumps and solar panels.

Electric cars have been championed by Biden and other administration officials as a solution to the present problem of high gas prices. Going as far as to use laws like the Defense Protection Act to increase the production of natural minerals that are used in electric car batteries.

The president, on the other hand, never mentioned the expense of electric automobiles.

Kelley Blue Book gives more realistic numbers. An electric car usually costs around $64,000. A normal car is around $26,000 and the average cost of a crossover is $34,000.

In 2019 most Americans were making roughly $67,500 every year. Hence electric cars and their maintenance would necessarily make people go into debt if they weren’t already.