Biden Makes Another ‘Bad Call’ Regarding His Vice President

Back in 2021, Biden put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of dealing with the mess at the southern border that he made. Biden made this mess when he rolled back the immigration reforms of the Trump Administration without putting anything in their place.

Kamala Harris, as border czar, did effectively nothing to curb the issues at the southern border. Illegal immigration is still ongoing, as Border Patrol agents can attest to. The same applies to the flow of human traffickers, illegal narcotics, and more.

There was some talk about the vice president getting down to the “root cause” of mass illegal immigration for a while. However, as so many Americans pointed out last year, Harris is second-in-commander to the root cause of illegal immigration.

It seems history repeats itself, though. Just as Biden put Harris in charge of fixing issues on the US-Mexico border, he’s also now put her in charge of handling problems with Ukraine’s border, according to American Thinker.

Amid a potential strike from Russia, the autocratic nation has sent a series of troops to the Ukraine border.

Biden continues to threaten Putin with sanctions if Russia hits Ukraine. However, officials working for Putin have openly declared the Russian President doesn’t regard Biden’s sanctions.

Now, the sitting US President has decided that having Harris attend various conferences in Europe will smooth things over in Ukraine. Republican lawmakers, meanwhile, are apprehensive, stating their disbelief that Harris’ presence in Europe will make much difference to the Russian President.

GOP Rep. Tim Burchett noted the ridiculousness of having the Vice President try to calm things down on Ukraine’s border when she couldn’t even fix the messes her boss made on the United States southern border.

When it comes to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, more Americans are questioning whether or not this is Biden’s work to draw attention away from his domestic failures here in America.

For instance, the federal government announced that Russia had plans to strike Ukraine on February 16. No such attack happened. In the wake of this, the White House is moving the goalposts, declaring that Russia will attack Ukraine on a different day.

Meanwhile, Putin and the Russian government deny that they’re plotting to strike Ukraine.

While it would not be the best move to take the Russian government at face value, the Biden Administration isn’t so trustworthy on this matter either. The current President certainly doesn’t have good judgment if he thinks Kamala Harris will solve the aforementioned overseas problems.