Biden Makes An Outright Fool Of Himself In The World Stage

When President Trump was in the White House, he showed strength and courage. Through his actions, policies, and disposition, Trump commanded respect, both here at home and internationally, on the world stage.

When Trump was running things, both our allies and enemies knew the United States had to be respected or else. Sadly, that has changed with Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

Time and time again, Biden has humiliated the United States before our allies and enemies alike. Biden’s even gone so far as to apologize to the world for the behaviors of America.

The 46th president likewise made a fool of himself and the United States when he showed more concern with appeasing the Taliban than with getting our citizens out of Afghanistan.

Some consequences come with weak leadership and a president’s joke who consistently puts America last. As PJ Media reports, this is essentially why communist China is having a good laugh at Joe Biden in real-time.

Joe Biden is preparing for the upcoming Democracy Summit, which will focus on human rights, various roles of leaders, different reforms, and more. What’s sadly ironic about this is that most of the leaders who will be engaging in the Democracy Summit are increasingly engaging in policy that is far removed from democracy altogether.

China, a genuine competitor and enemy of the United States will not be engaging in the forthcoming Democracy Summit. Nevertheless, this did not stop the communist regime from throwing in their feedback, openly mocking the United States.

According to the Chinese Communist Party, coronavirus has exposed democracy’s apparent inferiority to China’s communist regime. The CCP didn’t just stop there, though. During a news conference, they went on to declare America is lacking “party leadership.”

In keeping with the attitudes and sentiments of an America Last president, Biden has not issued a response to such an outrightly disrespectful, and quite frankly aggressive, message from China.

If Trump were in office, he would know how to respond and handle this. Yet, Biden spends more time raging at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis than he does in standing up to the Chinese Communist Party.

Joe Biden is an absolute embarrassment. This president doesn’t have an iota of sense on how to lead and ensure the United States itself is taken seriously. Biden wants America to be less of a democracy and more of a communist regime.

When assessing the matter through these lenses, it’s no wonder Biden is too cowardly to stand up to China and put America first.