Biden “Makes A Fool” Of Himself While Speaking About Infrastructure

In 2022 alone, polls have come out, showing strong pluralities of Americans would like for Biden to focus more of his attention on inflation and the economy. Fiscal matters have some of the most substantial impacts possible.

The state of the economy likewise impacts whether or not everyday Americans can earn enough money to feed their families, pay off student loan debt, put funds into savings, etc.

Biden, meanwhile, seems to think he knows better than the American people. However, this shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. Earlier this month, the President arrogantly professed that he doesn’t believe the polls about how the country perceives his leadership.

Several days ago, Biden took a trip to Pittsburgh to talk about infrastructure. However, as Twitchy reports, the 46th President couldn’t even manage not to mess this up.

Between a series of blunders, falsehoods, and stupid remarks, much of the nation got secondhand embarrassment as Biden spoke about infrastructure.

For starters, eyebrows were raised when the president baselessly declared that one-third of inflation problems are rooted in automobile prices. It didn’t occur to Biden that all the spending bills he signed into law last year might have impacted across-the-board price increases.

The President didn’t stop there, though. Later, during his time in Pittsburgh, he proceeded to swear on stage, ranting about Americans being stripped of their dignity. This outburst went viral on social media, with many folks questioning whether or not Biden was in his right mind. Not long afterward, the president also began whispering on stage.

Believe it or not, the train wreck continued. At a different point during Biden’s speech, he referred to his infrastructure czar, Mitch Landrieu, as the “Mayor” of the State of Louisiana. Another highlight came when Biden incorrectly referred to Conor Lamb as a “Senator.”

Since Biden’s presidency began, many instances show that he’s not quite in his right mind. However, these latest displays in Pennsylvania truly take the cake.

Biden didn’t know the names of his officials. He claimed the entire state of Louisiana was run by a “Mayor.” If anyone else conducted themselves in these manners time and time again, they would likely be relieved of their duties in whatever occupation they held.

Now would be a perfect time to start looking at invoking the 25th Amendment to have Biden removed from office.

Between his increasingly erratic behavior and the impeachable offenses he committed in Afghanistan, along with his dereliction of duty on the southern border, there’s more than enough grounds to get Biden out of office.