Biden ‘Losing Support’ From His Own Base

The Biden Administration is on a path to utter ruin. This Administration continues to make a series of miscalculations that have real impacts on the United States, national security, the economy, our country’s standing on the international stage, and so much more.

What’s most unsettling about this President is his refusal to listen to the growing numbers of Americans who disapprove of his leadership. During a January press conference, Biden explained that he doesn’t honestly believe the information coming back from the polls.

It is evidenced in Biden continuing to make poor decisions that hurt the people of this country. Now, Fox News reports that Biden’s doing such a terrible job that he’s losing support from his base.

New Yorker and Biden voter Isaiah Carter spoke with Fox News about his grievances for the President he voted into office. According to Carter, both Biden and Harris “disgust” them.

Carter explained that while he wasn’t on board with the Trump presidency, he also had concerns with progressives like Bernie Sanders and how far left they were. Therefore, Carter believed that voting for Biden was a safe and moderate choice.

The New Yorker is now learning just how wrong he was. By his admission, Carter has issues with the Biden Administration regarding the Afghanistan pullout, the emergence of Critical Race Theory, and Biden’s heavy-handed mandates.

Later, Carter made it clear that despite being supportive of Biden and Harris during the election, he’s not at all pleased with their leadership today. New York also stated that he doesn’t recognize today’s Democrat Party.

Unfortunately, so many people could not see beyond the facade Biden put on during the 2020 presidential election of being a moderate Democrat. This facade turned out to be one of the most incredible Trojan horses of all time.

Biden, in a nutshell, rattled off the talking points to get himself into office. Then, once he was in, the 46th President dropped the act of being an affable, moderate Democrat and went all-in with hard-left politics.

Hopefully, disgruntled Biden voters like Carter will remember this during the midterms and presidential elections. The Democrat Party of today is an extremist organization. They want to defund law enforcement, empty prisons, cancel rent, give the IRS full access to private citizens’ bank accounts, etc.

America’s in trouble if people don’t stop voting Democrats into office.