Biden Losing Support From Another Key Bloc Of His Base

As president, Joe Biden is doing such a terrible job that criticism from Republicans and conservatives is the least of his worries.

Over this year, multiple polls have confirmed that Independent voters are losing faith in the 46th president and becoming increasingly dissatisfied with his leadership. As many Americans know, Independent voters played a crucial role in Biden getting into the White House as president.

Like Independent voters, Democrats also had a significant hand in Biden’s election. However, the 46th president is woefully failing to keep these voters happy. Democrats are displeased about Biden’s lack of action on climate change reform and similar matters.

Newsmax confirms yet another voter bloc that Biden’s losing support from is the gun control crowd.

In a nutshell, gun control advocates believe that Biden isn’t doing enough to enforce gun control measures and strip away Americans’ constitutional Second Amendment rights.

Some of the most upsetting situations to gun control advocates are the withdrawal of ATF nominee David Chapman and Biden’s seemingly lackluster response to a school shooting last month in the state of Michigan.

An official with the anti-Second Amendment group known as March for Our Lives had some words for Biden. Per March for Our Lives, gun control advocates believe Biden made a lot of promises and needs to follow through with them.

This official also stated that the 46th president could and should do more to abolish the Second Amendment essentially.

Earlier this year, Biden tried to pass gun control measures via executive order. However, Republican attorney generals across various states quickly stepped in to blunt the enforcement of these mandates.

The most ironic thing about the anti-gun crowd is how they work against what they claim to be fighting for. The same people who call to rewrite and abolish the Second Amendment also urge defunding law enforcement.

These are the same folks who furthermore support the end of cash bail. Then, they wonder why reports confirm that more Americans are going out and purchasing firearms.

Democrats continue to make a solid case for why more gun control is the worst move this nation could ever make. With crime and threats to public safety on the rise, the importance of the Second Amendment is more decisive than it’s ever been in history.