Biden Lies about Transition Procedures for Kids

The radical progressives in charge of the Biden administration are demonstrating their willingness to fabricate narratives about biological science to promote their radical ambitions for the future of America’s youth.

The White House has shown it is willing to lie about the irreversible damage caused by chemical castration, genital mutilation, and other treatments that cause sterilization.

Earlier this month, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki lied about legislation in states designed to limit and control the gender ideology public schools around the country are forcing on our youngest school children.

The Biden administration has a long track record of bowing to teachers’ unions and special interest groups that promote medical intervention as a “solution” for children that school staff may perceive to be struggling with their identities. The White House is committed to pushing that false medical narrative resulting in permanent injury to kids.

Biden said in a recent address to American parents that “affirming your child’s identity is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy.” Earlier this month, Psaki made the claim that “every major medical association agrees” that healthcare promoting gender modification is a “best practice” and “potentially lifesaving.”

Doctors with the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine have pointed out that representations made by Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services are dishonest. HHS reportedly minimized the risks associated with harmful sex procedurs and has used a “low quality non-probability online survey” to convince parents to allow medical experimentation on their children.

Even the U.K.’s National Health Service has admitted that there is little known about the long-term medical and psychological effects of hormone and puberty blockers used on children.

Studies indicate that up to 80 percent of people who wish to modify their bodies to identify as the opposite sex eventually change their minds as they grow older.

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Helena Kerschner, 23, who was pressed into testosterone treatments as a teenager because she thought she wanted to be a boy.

She said she stopped the treatments after she felt the “extremely negative effect” the treatments were having on her mental health. She said that she considers herself lucky that she escaped the process without being scarred medically. She noted how many children are lied to by adults at school when they are told that they should change their bodies.

Americans must insist on true scientific treatment of children and end the abusive mission the progressives have to reshape every aspect of American civilization.