Biden Just Made The Case Against His Own Mandates

The flip-flopping from the Biden Administration when it comes to COVID is downright absurd.

During the very early months of the Biden Administration, they conceded that federal vaccine mandates were not the role of the government. Then, as time passed, the Biden Administration essentially walked this back. They moved forward with vaccine mandates now being taken up before the Supreme Court.

When Biden was running to be president last year, he promised America he would shut down the coronavirus. Instead, coronavirus has been running wild, causing flights to be canceled, and even mutating into different strains.

Biden hasn’t gotten a single thing right on COVID, nor has he followed through on anything he promised to happen regarding this virus. The only thing the 46th president has done is make a case against the very same COVID vaccine mandates he’s seeking to impose, as confirmed by Breitbart News.

Earlier this week, during a video conference, Joe Biden told several Republican governors that there is not a solution to be had on the federal level when it comes to stopping the virus. Biden then asserted that “the state level” is where Americans must turn to stop COVID.

If Biden truly believes what he says, then he should roll back every single federal mask mandate and federal vaccine mandate that he’s put through. The 46th president has a real chance to (for once) put his money where his mouth is and make some sense.

When Biden got into office, he believed a federal solution was the answer. It is why he spent the better part of the 2020 presidential election talking about how he specifically had a plan that would make COVID nothing more than a distant memory.

The 46th president does not have a positive track record of following through on his word. He has lied and reneged on countless occasions. Therefore, there’s no reason to believe that Biden will put his money where his mouth is in claiming there’s no federal solution to ending COVID.

Biden wants to avoid the heat that’s coming his way due to his plethora of failures. The 46th president has let COVID get the best of him time and time again.

Passing it along to the states to handle is merely a cop-out for Biden to save himself politically.