Biden is Lost in Words and in Life While Talking About Infrastructure in North Carolina

If you haven’t noticed, President Joe Biden has been even more cognitively unaware than he has before. While In North Carolina, Biden appeared to be speaking to… nobody when he was giving a speech on infrastructure and the economic agenda.

Biden was in the middle of speaking when he turned around and addressed some people who were behind him. These people weren’t in camera shots and were clearly not in front of the podium so what he said made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Biden said, “[inaudible] Excuse my back, I apologize. I have my back to you, I apologize [inaudible]…”

There was clearly no expectation for Biden to walk around in circles while speaking because the stage wasn’t set up that way. If anyone behind him expected that then they were sadly mistaken. Biden didn’t even have a microphone in his hand, it was attached to the podium.

That wasn’t the only odd thing Biden said. He also spoke about being blindfolded at an airport…

Biden said, “One of the busiest airports was fixed in two weeks. And I got in trouble because I said ‘If I took you into O’Hare airport, blindfolded in the middle of the night, and took you into one of China’s airports blindfolded in the middle of the night and said where are you? China, or the United States? You’d probably think the Chinese airport was ours.”

One Twitter response said, “Is this supposed to be an insult to the look of our airports? We are trillions in debt, food prices are through the roof and our concern is making O’hare (which is not run down) have a fresher coat of pain or something? I don’t get it.”

To be fair, a blindfold would do nothing when you hear speech differences in China versus the United States. And, if you accompany the intervention of the Chinese Airport Security Unit because they’re going to believe you’re being kidnapped then it’s going to be abundantly clear that you aren’t in the U.S.

Biden then said, “More oil refineries in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania than the bend in Dela-River [meaning Delaware River, maybe] than anywhere including Houston [Texas]. Guess what? When it got to fall, I was in 4th grade and there was a little frost. My mom would get in the car to drive me to school which is only ¾ of a mile away because it was on a highway. Turn on the windshield wiper and there would be an oil slick on the window. That wouldn’t happen where I live now, in a nice neighborhood.”

If you didn’t think that Biden was lost in his own words, you have to understand that he was literally lost on the stage. When Biden was done speaking he went to shake hands with… nobody. There wasn’t anyone there. Still, he extended his hand out like an idiot.

This wasn’t a mistake because Biden looked beside him before he shook hands with nothing.