Biden is Being Pushed to Declare a Climate Change Emergency

Since Joe Biden got into office, he’s made climate change the centerpiece policy of his administration.

Climate change is what motivated Biden to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and put thousands of blue-collar workers out of jobs. Likewise, climate change is why the White House won’t walk back policies that interfere with oil and gas lease sales and domestic energy production.

Yet, in spite of the president’s clear work to make climate change activists happy, they’re still calling for him to take things just a little bit further.

The Los Angeles Times is specifically saying that Biden needs to declare a national emergency on climate change.

What to Know About the LA Times’ Call to Biden
The Los Angeles Times’ call for Biden to declare a climate emergency comes on the heels of the Senate passing the Inflation Reduction Act. This bill has quite a bit of climate spending in it as is.

Nevertheless, the Los Angeles Times specifically stated the president has failed to fulfill his duty on climate change with “regulatory actions” and “executive powers.”

As a result, the Los Angeles Times says Biden needs to use each avenue at his disposal to transition away from fossil fuels, increase renewable energy, and do away with natural disasters caused by climate change.

Later, the publication goes on to note that an emergency climate declaration would allow for more access to capital to take on climate change, a prohibition on crude oil exports, and even the use of FEMA to cover infrastructure projects in poorer communities.

According to the Los Angeles Times, communities with fewer resources are more vulnerable to damages inflicted by climate change.

What Comes Next?
The White House hasn’t declared a national climate emergency just yet. However, it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibilities.

Biden’s climate change agenda lives on not just through the pending Inflation Reduction Act, but also in his administration’s work to push electric vehicles on the nation.

The widespread use of electric vehicles was yet another pointer mentioned by the Los Angeles Times. According to them, with an emergency declaration, Biden will have much more power to increase the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

As climate change activists keep increasing pressure on Biden, Americans would do well to remain vigilant.