Biden In ‘The Hot Seat’ For Allegedly Abusing His Employees In The White House

Judging from the series of reports, the White House under Biden is not a good place to be. Staffers are quitting left and right for starters, with more resignations apparently to come.

Biden and Harris, the president and vice president, can’t even manage to get along with one another and put on a unified front. Rumor has it that Biden wants a new vice president. Meanwhile, Harris’ aides go before the media and anonymously complain about how poorly the White House treats her.

Unfortunately for the vice president, there have also been allegations of her treating her staffers poorly and meanly. Yet, according to American Thinker, Biden isn’t doing any better with his employees.

According to many reports, Biden is as wrong as Harris, and White House staffers are not happy about the situation. As things currently stand, the word is that several more Biden staffers have plans to leave the administration in 2022 at a time they deem as best.

The general sentiment amongst White House staffers is they’ve been on the beat for just long enough that they’ll be OK with leaving and looking for work elsewhere. Moreover, Biden’s employees feel excluded from various parts of being in the White House that should be fun, such as celebratory holiday events.

When interacting with staff, Biden is void of empathy, as well. It comes despite the pleasant, friendly guy approach Biden tries to put on before the public when the cameras roll. Yet, every so often, the mask does indeed slip.

Finally, there are claims of Biden’s staffers who work remotely or from home still being forced to wear face coverings. It, too, has rubbed his employees the wrong way, and they want out.

If the reports about Biden’s treatment of his employees are accurate, this speaks to his failure as a leader. Biden can’t get along with his vice president. His approval ratings are in the toilet; meanwhile, his staffers detest working for him so much that they’re planning their exit plans in droves.

There is one common denominator here. However, it should come as no shock to anyone that Biden cannot see this. Throughout the 11 months he’s been president, Biden has repeatedly demonstrated he doesn’t have even the faintest idea of taking responsibility when he messes up or makes a bad call.