Biden Has Energy Platitudes, Not Energy Policies

Candidate Joe Biden promised on the campaign trail that he would halt the Keystone Pipeline on the first day of his administration and would end the use of fossil fuels. When he made these claims, America was a net energy exporter. When he ascended to the office of the Presidency, he made good on the Keystone Pipeline promise and began his war on American Energy.

A little over a year later, Americans are experiencing $7 per gallon gas in some places, and energy prices are skyrocketing across the board. The administration has done everything it can to shift blame for the energy inflation, the most used tactic is to call it the ‘Putin Price Hike.’ The only problem with that claim is that fuel costs were rising long before the conflict in Ukraine began.

Now that the American public is not buying the Putin angle, Jen Psaki (the soon to be failed MSNBC host) is trying to blame oil companies for price gouging and not drilling enough. This is indicative of why the administration is failing. They say things that sound good but have no basis in reality.

Eliminating fossil fuels sounds great. The problem is that green technologies are nowhere near the point where they are feasible from a cost and performance standpoint. The European Union is finding this out now. Take Germany as an example. They shifted a large component of their energy sector into solar and wind power. They are now finding out that these platforms are unstable. So much so that they are forced to import energy from Russia while being engaged in a DeFacto proxy way. There is a reason that Russia funds green parties all throughout Europe. Utopian platitudes that move the EU away from fossil fuels is in Russia’s best interest.

The United States current administration does not have a plan based in reality. We are decades, if not longer, away from being able to stop using fossil fuels. Every time President Biden takes action that sounds good on energy but is not supported by current technology, he is destabilizing our country and empowering our enemies. We must change course before the consequences of this utopian thinking come home to roost.