Biden Gives Worst State Of The Union Address Of All Time

On Tuesday, Joe Biden kicked off March with a State of the Union Address.

To say that much of the nation didn’t have very high hopes for the speech. Even leftist political strategists said that Biden needed to steer clear of ignoring problems in America and acting as if all was well.

Other Americans believed that Biden’s State of the Union Address would be riddled with various gaffes, tone-deaf statements and a certain level of obliviousness. In these regards, the president certainly didn’t rise above expectations, as The Federalist covers.

One of the worst moments of Biden’s State of the Union Address arrived when he stated that even if Russia somehow succeeded in the invasion (that so far isn’t going their way), President Putin would never gain the adoration of Ukrainians.

Only, instead of Biden stating that his Russian counterpart wouldn’t earn the respect of the Ukrainian people, he referred to them as “Iranians.” Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris sat behind Biden, looking taken aback and even speaking “Ukrainian” when Biden referred to them as “Iranians.”

Other pitfalls of the president’s Tuesday remarks involved him falsely proclaiming himself as honest and claiming that his sanctions are having real impacts on the Russian government where it counts.

Biden’s stream of lies later continued when he branded the American Rescue Plan a success and declared that he’d created jobs since being in office.

Biden has harmed jobs. His inflation crisis has created a situation where Americans’ wages carry less value than those under the Trump administration.

Biden’s State of the Union Address was an outright disaster between spreading other falsehoods about taxes, gun manufacturers and more. The only silver lining here was the GOP rebuttal to the speech given by Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds.

During Biden’s State of the Union Address on Tuesday, he undeniably wants America to vote to keep Democrats in power this November. However, the remarks from the president earlier this week only make the case as to why Democrats must be voted out of control.

Biden’s reach as president of the United States goes a lot less further without having his party controlling Congress. Therefore, if Republicans can take back the Senate and the House, America can use the second half of Biden’s term to stop him from doing any further significant damage.