Biden Gives Up On Ukraine And Lets Russia Have It

Joe Biden’s White House had the US State Department shut down the Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is the second embassy closed by the Biden-Harris maladministration. It looks like a clear indication that the US government is getting out of the way and inviting a Russian attack. Ukraine is under the Russian boot.

The US embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, was recently moved to Lviv closer to Poland. The State Department annihilated systems hardware and PC workstations on the way out like a movie. The Wall Street Journal reported that dismantling these networks rendered the consulate inoperable.

Over 180,000 Russian military units moved into position before invading Ukraine. Russia had moved long-range guns and rocket launchers into position. Russian units moved into assault positions. President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Chairman of the Chief Joints of Staff Army Mark Milley invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to seize Kyiv and put up a summer house on the Black Sea.

Russian President Vladimir Putin may prefer another form of resolution to his attempted annexation of large portions of Ukraine. He may be weighing the costs of an all-out war to take over more land, seaports and strategic positions.

A Russian attack on Ukraine is an international calamity. Ukraine and Europe may be destabilized. The United States will be embarrassed and may strike to save face or because Joe Biden hit the red button as he fell asleep. It may also be part of a coordinated action tied to the ascent of Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party in Asia and valuable to the Iranian Mullah’s ambition in the Persian Gulf. Russia attempts to reconstitute the USSR and instigate a new war, plunging Eastern Europe into conflict.

Putin has demonstrated that the US and Europe will not fight on behalf of Ukraine. Therefore, alliances with the US and NATO are not stable and counties will think twice before accepting any promises for protection. He has shown the gaps inside the NATO partnership and the UN structure. Europe’s extravagant mouthpiece Germany is more aligned with Russia than the US and UK. Putin’s plan may be to break up NATO.

Russia has devastated the Ukrainian economy. People, capital, businesses and trade have left the country. It is more probable that soon Russian business and Russian interests can acquire control of Ukrainian companies and industries. It may include mining interests. Putin is getting the attention he craves with European leaders.

The old Cold War equation was that putting pressure on Russian military spending would expose the moral rot in the nation. However, in 2022 that is less likely the case. The country has become more insular and confident in its position in the world.

If Putin pulls back now, Ukrainian patriotism will only increase and Zelenskyy will look to build a partnership with the west and revive NATO. Putin refuses to do this. The alliance between the United States, Britain and France may extend to the Baltic countries and Poland. In addition, Sweden and Finland may consider joining their Scandinavian neighbors if there is a way to join NATO without joining NATO.

Europe relies on Russian gas. Moscow has attempted to pinch the EU based on its energy needs. It would make sense if EU domestic energy production and imports from other nations increased in the coming months to free Europe from Russian influence, except for Germany, which seems to like becoming a vassal state of Putin and his cronyism. While Joe Biden is old, Putin is no spring chicken. At 70, he may be looking to go out with a bang using a coordinated international crisis to expand the power of Russia for the coming decades.