Biden Jeopardizes America’s Energy Independence Even More

President Biden is an outright disaster. Every single move he makes is intentionally calculated to do maximum harm to the United States, as it appears. There is no one way anyone can objectively look back one year ago and state the nation today has fewer problems than it had before.

One of the Biden administration’s first and most horrific moves was yanking the permit that allowed the Keystone Pipeline to continue as a project. After doing this, the Biden administration declared the 11K lost green jobs would replace jobs. However, these green jobs have yet to appear. 

Now, amid sky-high gas prices in the United States, Red State reports Biden is considering killing yet another pipeline, this time, one that runs through Michigan.

Since the inception of Biden’s presidential term, he’s shown he doesn’t give a rip about America’s energy independence. Now, the Michigan pipeline Biden’s thinking of shutting down is one Canada has already moved to keep from being killed by drawing attention to an international treaty going way back. 

Again, it is critical to remember that as Biden mulls about axing yet another pipeline and the jobs that come with it, gas prices in America are incredibly high. If another oil pipeline bits the dust, energy prices will go through the roof, as will the fees Americans pay at the pump. 

To this day, Biden has never answered for the thousands of jobs he killed in January with the stroke of a pen. However, this sorry excuse of a president has shown he’s more invested in cozying up to climate change kooks than protecting the nation’s best interests.

Amid reports of another U.S. pipeline that could be on the chopping block, many Americans think Biden can’t possibly be this dumb. Ending another pipeline would have adverse ripple effects nationwide. 

Meanwhile, it would surely deal yet another blow to the president’s approval rating that is already on life support as it is. As Biden makes decisions that impact millions and millions of Americans, he is not thinking whatsoever. 

Likewise, the 46th president’s behavior has gotten to be even more erratic over the past few weeks. Many Americans are therefore speculating Biden’s dealing with worsening cognitive decline, dementia, or other problems. 

In light of the disastrous policy choices of Biden and his apparent psychological troubles, impeachment and the 25th Amendment are regulars brought up in conversations about this president.