Biden Falsely Accuses Trump To Justify Debate Performance

President Joe Biden, in an effort to justify his poor performance in a recent debate, has made false claims about President Donald Trump. Biden’s remarks came during an ABC News interview with George Stephanopoulos on Friday, as he sought to address growing concerns within the Democratic Party about his ability to continue his presidential campaign.

Biden, 81, claimed that his debate struggles were due to interruptions from Trump, despite footage showing Trump standing silently as Biden stumbled over his words. The President described his debate performance as a “bad episode,” attributing it to exhaustion from being “sick” with what doctors identified as a “really bad cold.”

During the interview, Biden acknowledged that he was responsible for his debate preparation and performance, dismissing any notion that others were to blame. However, he falsely alleged that Trump was attempting to interrupt him during the debate, stating, “Even when I was answering a question, even though they turned his mic off, he was still shouting. And I let it distract me.”

These statements by Biden have raised further questions about his fitness for office, particularly as he battles to reassure voters, donors, and party officials who are skeptical of his capacity to lead. The President’s attempt to shift blame onto Trump comes at a critical time as he works to maintain his position in the race amid calls for him to step aside for another Democratic candidate.