Biden Endorses The Demise Of The Senate Filibuster

The Democrat Party is in the middle of a power grab that will ultimately ensure they do not hold onto congressional majorities come November 2022. For starters, Democrats are responsible for a series of disastrous spending bills being passed into law and directly hurting the nation.

House and Senate Democrats (with the exceptions of Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema) will not listen to Republicans in any regard whatsoever. Democrats in Congress remain thick as thieves with Biden and work as hard as they can to pass terrible legislation by any means necessary.

As the country has gotten a front-row seat, too, there’s no means the left will not employ to get more power and rig the game in their favor. For a fair amount of time now, Democrats have been making the case to end the filibuster.

It is something that Biden himself just recently endorsed, as reported by Twitchy.

While giving an interview to ABC News, Biden endorsed the filibuster’s demise as a way for Democrats to pass legislation he called “voting rights.”

The only problem, though, is that America already has voting rights. The notion that the United States is somehow void of voting rights (or that Republicans are somehow threatening the right to vote by passing commonsense election security laws) is a lie.

Nevertheless, it’s a lie Biden ran with to pass a series of bills that will bastardize US elections. When Democrats talk about “voting rights,” they mean forcing US taxpayers to funnel money into left-wing candidates’ campaigns.

Every time a Democrat mentions the importance of passing “voting rights” legislation, they mean abolishing voter ID laws and stopping states from having the power to run their elections.

Democrats who want the filibuster gone want their way, power, and nothing else. Every single American needs to understand this.

Democrats have repeatedly been spreading falsehoods about the Senate filibuster, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. The same Democrats who allege the filibuster is racist had no problem using it during the Trump administration and when Republicans controlled Congress.

During his time as a senator, Barack Obama talked about the grandness of the Senate filibuster. Fast forward to the present day, though, and he is right there with other Democrats calling for the filibuster abolition.

The Senate filibuster allows for the minority party in Congress (which just so happens to be Republicans right now) to have a say in legislation. For the sake of America, it is profoundly imperative for the filibuster to remain as is.