Biden Endorses John Fetterman’s Wife For Senate

During an appearance in Pennsylvania on Thursday, President Joe Biden appeared to endorse Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman’s wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman. This was either the latest example of Biden’s cognitive decline, or an admission that Fetterman’s wife will likely be doing the work for her husband — if he were to be elected — due to his obvious health issues stemming from his recent stroke.

The president made the comments while appearing with John and Gisele Fetterman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to discuss his infrastructure bill.

“John, thank you very much for running. I really do appreciate it,” Biden said. “And Gisele, you’re going to be a great, great lady in the Senate.”

Fetterman suffered a massive stroke just days before the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat, which has affected his speaking capabilities and his ability to understand speech.

It was recently revealed by NBC News journalist Dasha Burns that Fetterman was struggling with auditory processing — as the Democrat candidate required the use of a device that provided him with closed captioning of the questions he was being asked during an interview, due to his inability to understand the questions verbally.

Since her husband’s stroke, Gisele Fetterman has become something of a political star — as she even delivered her husband’s acceptance speech following his victory in the Democratic primary.

“It’s easy because I know his message, and I love him, and I know how good he is, and I get to tell that to people,” she told The Washington Post.

Gisele — who came from Brazil to Queens, New York, with her mother as an illegal immigrant, and finally became a citizen in 2009 — has also jumped to defend her husband over questions surrounding his health and his ability to hold office.

She even attacked Dasha Burns following her report on Fetterman’s use of the closed captioning device and his struggles to understand conversations without the device.

“I would love to see an apology towards the disability community from her and from her network for the damage they have caused,” Gisele said, calling the reporter an “ableist.”

Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is running against Fetterman in the Senate race, has also raised concerns about his opponent’s health — suggesting that Gisele could potentially be doing most of her husband’s job if he were elected to the Senate.

“This is not about me or him. It’s about the voters,” Oz said. “They have a right to know what’s going on in his body so they can tell if his wife is right or not. Is he going to be the senator or is she going to be the senator?”