Biden Digs Himself Into A Further Hole With Outright Lies About Inflation

Joe Biden may be the president with the highest levels of hubris and the least amount of accomplishments.

Since Biden hobbled into the White House, life has gotten objectively worse for so many Americans. Last year, thousands of blue-collar workers were sent to the unemployment line after Biden crippled the Keystone XL pipeline.

Today, as gas prices are higher than $5.00 per gallon in various country areas, Americans have to make some tough financial choices. It means limiting the number of groceries they purchase to put a week’s fuel in the tank for some folks.

With all that’s happening in the country, some people might expect Biden to step up at last and make a positive difference. However, as RedState covers, the president does the opposite by gaslighting and spreading falsehoods to make himself look good.

Let’s be clear, the ongoing inflation across the nation has been present since May 2021. Inflation exists and is getting worse due to the government spending that’s taken place under Biden’s administration.

However, during a political event in Philadelphia, the president employed every possible avenue to distract from the truth. First, Biden announced that he’d had his fill of hearing Americans blame government spending for inflation.

The president incorrectly claimed that government spending had not caused inflation problems. Then, Biden went on to assert that the president of Russia is responsible for American inflation.

Again, the timeline doesn’t hold up the lie that Biden wants Americans to believe. US inflation began nine months before Putin ever chose to invade the nation of Ukraine. Therefore, this narrative that somehow the Russian despot is the boogeyman for ongoing inflation in America is just not accurate.

As Biden continues lying to the American people, he’s only digging himself and the Democrat Party into a deeper hole.

Days ago, the Wall Street Journal released a poll showing that the GOP is perceived as “best able” to make a positive difference on every issue other than coronavirus. Problems where Republicans consistently beat out Democrats included handling crime, keeping kids in classrooms, dealing with foreign policy and more.

Biden’s mouth and his atrocious policies will be the downfall of the Democratic Party during November’s midterm elections.

Therefore, when Biden sits in the White House without having the Senate or the House of Representatives controlled by his party any longer, he should know he brought this upon himself.