Biden Declares Kamala Harris as “First Lady”

Concerns about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities date back before his presidency. When Biden was just a 2020 presidential candidate, he regularly jumbled his words, confused people, locations, places, etc.

This led to many people declaring the then-candidate as mentally unfit to serve America; still, Biden managed to get into the White House.

Since his time as president, the gaffes and blunders have not subsided. As a matter of fact, the longer Biden’s presidency drags out, the more frequently he appears confused and makes various mistakes when speaking before the public.

Some of Biden’s blunders were on full display earlier this week, notably when he declared Vice President Kamala Harris as “the first lady,” according to The Blaze.

A Serious Cause for Concern

During a White House event on Tuesday, Biden appeared as though he was trying to announce that Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff received a positive COVID test.

However, this announcement was rife with various errors. First, the president declared that “the first lady’s husband” was the one who was confirmed as positive for COVID.

Then, when someone in the audience pointed out “the first lady’s husband” is in fact, the president, being Biden himself, things didn’t get any better.

From this point, Biden referred to Emhoff as “the First Gentleman,” which, again, was incorrect. As the husband of the vice president, Emhoff is the Second Gentleman.

With multiple coming from this president in one session, it marks the escalation of a troubling pattern. Previously, when Biden spoke, he generally only made one gaffe per appearance.

Response from the General Public

On Tuesday, social media lit up with various Americans weighing in on Biden’s episode at the White House. Some folks reiterated calls for the president to take a cognitive test and share the results with the country.

Other people opined that having Biden with access to the nuclear codes and other classified information is dangerous when he keeps making these mistakes.

During the very start of Biden’s presidency, the White House worked hard to keep him from speaking publicly or engaging with the media in an unfiltered manner. As Biden’s presidency carries on, more Americans are understanding why the White House didn’t want him speaking freely without guidance.

With so many gaffes and errors coming from Biden at this time, it begs to question how worse things will get between now and 2024. Recently, the Wall Street Journal released a poll, showing more than half of Americans don’t believe Biden will actually run for another term during the next election season – so, there is some hope.