Biden Continues Anti-MAGA Rhetoric In Boston

“Difficult” is how President Joe Biden described what the next two years will look like if Republicans assume control of congress after the November midterms.

“I’ll be spending more time with the veto pen than getting anything done,” said the former vice president while speaking at a Democratic National Committee reception in Boston. Quotes like that have become increasingly less amusing over the last 18 months. I quit laughing right around the time a gallon of milk exceeded $5.

We can’t have a public speaking engagement involving Joe Biden without his patented attacks on “MAGA Republicans.” Unwarranted as the attacks may be, his rallying cry has resulted in a hefty war chest for the DNC.

Biden’s event in Boston netted around $2 million in donations alone. Democrats have raised nearly $660 million during the 2022 election cycle. Republicans have only managed to outraise the left by less than $10 million.

The old narrative has always been that Republicans are backed by big business and the money that comes with it. That time has come and gone. Now, it’s the other way around.

The conservative base is as energetic as it’s been in a long time. Every registered Republican is poised to hit the polls in November and take part in a shellacking of legendary proportions. It’s exciting, but there’s good reason to remain cautiously optimistic.

Even the latest polls forecast Republicans’ November lead shrinking. For the last several months we’ve been told Republicans would gain as many as 26 seats. This latest poll projects a mere 12-seat gain.

All we can do is hope for the best and continue our steadfast support of America-first candidates. The well-greased, heavily funded DNC machine is a formidable enemy, that’s for certain.