Biden Cites Exhaustion From Overseas Trips For Debate Flop, Faces Skepticism

In an attempt to explain his underwhelming performance at last week’s CNN presidential debate, President Joe Biden attributed his lackluster showing to fatigue from recent international travel. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Biden suggested that his decision to travel extensively before the debate left him nearly falling asleep on stage.

“I decided to travel around the world a couple of times … shortly before the debate … I didn’t listen to my staff … and then I almost fell asleep on stage,” Biden stated, clarifying, “It’s not an excuse but an explanation.”

The explanation comes as Biden faces mounting pressure from within his own party to step down as the presumptive Democratic nominee, with concerns about his mental sharpness intensifying. Critics argue that his debate performance exposed significant issues that cannot be ignored.

However, a report by the New York Times contradicted Biden’s claim that lack of rest was to blame. The report detailed that Biden’s debate preparation was meticulously planned, including ample rest periods and daily naps. According to an insider, Biden’s team cut his debate prep by two days so he could rest at his Delaware home before joining his advisers at Camp David.

CNN’s White House correspondent MJ Lee also questioned Biden’s explanation, noting that there was a substantial gap between his overseas trips and the debate. Lee highlighted that Biden had nearly two weeks, including a full week at Camp David, dedicated to debate preparation.

“I find it a little bit puzzling and, frankly, I’m not sure that a lot of people are going to find this reassuring,” Lee commented. “If anything, some folks might hear this and be, you know, even more concerned.”