Biden Celebrates In Arizona But Refuses To Visit Border

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit Arizona, but he does not plan to make the extra effort to see the southern border while he is there. Reportedly, Biden is celebrating more jobs in Arizona in what’s been called a ‘manufacturing boom.’ But when asked if he would visit the state’s border, the White House said he would not be focused on the crisis during this trip.

A reporter asked Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if the president had plans to visit the border while he was there, and she looked very annoyed as she responded. Jean-Pierre said she needed to make it very clear that “thanks to his economic policies,” more than 700,000 manufacturing jobs have been created in the U.S., and Biden is strictly visiting Arizona to celebrate this apparently impressive accomplishment. For reference, former President Donald Trump created 6.6 million jobs during his term before COVID-19 shut down the economy.

Since the question went unanswered, another reporter asked Jean-Pierre if the president would visit the border in the new year. The press secretary gave an unsurprising, defective answer. “Look, I addressed this last week about the president visiting the border,” she began refusing to go beyond any other explanation that actually applies to the question. Jean Pierre put the issue back onto Republicans in her following response.

“What are Congressional Republicans going to do to actually deal with this issue?” she asked. Isn’t it the president’s duty to address the situation at the border? She further suggested that Republicans harm the border by pulling “political stunts” which harm children and other immigrants who come here to seek asylum. “Why don’t they work with us? Why don’t they actually do something?”

Not only has Jean-Pierre suggested that it’s the sole responsibility of Congressional Republicans to fix the border, but she also stated that Republicans are too busy “playing games” to do anything about the supposed responsibility. Last week, the press secretary was caught in a lie about President Biden’s historical avoidance of a visit to the southern border. The president created open borders but will not go there to face his poor decision.