Biden Can’t Even Beat Buttigieg in New Hampshire

Another bad sign in an ever-expanding year of bad signs hit the Biden administration this week with the results of another new poll. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg beat out the incumbent president in a poll of likely 2024 Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire.

We’re talking about the transportation secretary, not the vice president, secretary of state or a prominent governor.

The transportation secretary, a position where the main job is to make the planes run on time, and Buttigieg has even failed miserably at that.

But no matter, because the University of New Hampshire Survey Center Granite Poll found that the secretary garnered 17% of voters’ preferences. That stacks up well to Biden’s 16% and ahead of a field of other possible contenders.

Democrats are shuffling the deck for early primary states in preparation for 2024, but New Hampshire continues to be out front for potential candidates seeking to test the waters for a White House run.

The state, for the record, has its own “trigger law” that will automatically reschedule its primary ahead if any state tries to preempt its number one status.

The 40-year-old Buttigieg battled and occasionally sparred with then-candidate Biden in the 2020 primary season before bowing out.

But after he joined the new president’s cabinet, many Democrats believe he became one of the administration’s most visible and effective communicators.

Buttigieg has worked in front of the public on the president’s signature infrastructure bill. Some credit him with selling it effectively, especially in the aftermath of what was supposed to be Biden’s signature package — Build Back Better — being torpedoed by his own party.

Democrats, or those who caucus as Democrats, split between California Gov. Gavin Newsome and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA), each drawing 10% support.

It is notable that, with the poll taken in New Hampshire, Warren is virtually a hometown candidate. The Boston-area media dominates the New England market.

Other notable Democrats drew less than 10% of the final tally in New Hampshire. They include Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (8%), Vice President Kamala Harris (6%), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (5%), and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (3%).

With Biden’s approval ratings tanking at an abysmal 33%, several potential Democratic candidates are testing the waters in preparation for a possible ‘24 run. The president has repeatedly said, however, that if his health is good, he plans to seek reelection.