Biden and DOJ Accused of Not Taking SCOTUS Security ‘Seriously’

Appearing on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show” on Monday, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) criticized President Joe Biden, Congress and the DOJ for not taking the security of Supreme Court justices “seriously.”

After Justice Brett Kavanaugh was forced to exit a Washington, D.C., restaurant through the back door last week when protesters showed up outside, many people have once again raised concerns about the security of Supreme Court justices.

“I’m very concerned about the response from the president and certain Republicans in the party,” Comer said. “I think the Supreme Court should have the same level of security as the leadership in the Congress.”

Last Wednesday evening, Kavanaugh left Morton’s Steakhouse after a crowd showed up to protest the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, returning the issue to the states.

This incident came soon after a California man traveled to the conservative justice’s Maryland home allegedly planning to kill him. The man was apprehended by law enforcement and charged by the Department of Justice (DOJ) with the attempted murder of a federal judge.

Discussing the motivations of potential killers such as the man who targeted Kavanaugh, Comer pointed out that, if something were to happen to a member of Congress, that person would likely be replaced by an individual with the same political ideology, but the same cannot be said of a Supreme Court justice. If a member of the high court is killed, someone of an opposing ideology could end up taking their place, which gives their opponents more of a reason to act.

“If something happens to a conservative justice, then in the minds of someone who’d be attacking that conservative justice, we can replace that conservative justice with a liberal justice since Biden’s president,” the Kentucky congressman said.

“We have a Democrat majority in the Senate,” Comer added. “So, this is something that every American should be concerned about, the safety of our Supreme Court. I don’t think the Biden administration is taking it seriously, and I don’t think the leadership in Congress in either party is taking it seriously and hopefully that will change.”

The problem only appears to be escalating, as left-wing activists from the radical group ShutDownDC have offered $200 bounties for information on the locations of conservative Supreme Court justices following the targeting of Kavanaugh at Morton’s Steakhouse. Making this information public knowledge will further endanger the justices, especially if Biden and the DOJ continue to refuse to take their security seriously.