Biden Aides Connected To Family Business: New Report Unveils Links

A recent report by Politico has revealed significant connections between President Joe Biden’s longtime aides and his family’s business dealings, despite his claims of non-involvement. This investigation highlights a persistent overlap between Biden’s political and family activities, a pattern that has existed since his initial Senate campaign, which was heavily managed by his parents and siblings.

The report detailed how political allies have forged business relationships with Biden’s relatives, who in turn have converted business partners into campaign supporters. This “all-in-the-family” approach raises questions about the true separation between Biden’s political life and his family’s business affairs.

As the public focus on Jim and Hunter Biden’s international business transactions intensifies, especially with some of their associates convicted of fraud and corruption, doubts about Joe Biden’s involvement persist. According to Politico, the Bidens maintain they observe strict boundaries to prevent mixing business with family. However, the involvement of numerous former and current aides complicates this narrative, especially given private communications suggesting Jim and Hunter Biden imply they represent their influential relative in business matters.

A notable incident involves Jim Biden hiring Dale Pupillo, his brother’s former Secret Service detail head, to investigate Chinese executive Patrick Ho in 2017, with whom Hunter Biden had business ties. During a February impeachment inquiry, Jim Biden testified that he commissioned Pupillo before accompanying Hunter Biden to Hong Kong to meet Ho. Despite his involvement, Jim Biden claimed he never asked about the meeting’s purpose to keep his affairs separate from his nephew’s.

During a congressional review, a Republican staffer speculated that Pupillo might have been hired to gather intelligence on a Department of Justice investigation into Ho for bribery allegations. Jim Biden denied this, asserting, “This was for my personal edification, because I do not like to walk into blind buildings, okay?”

Pupillo’s hiring is one of several instances where a Biden staffer was involved in the family’s business dealings. Another example is Eric Schwerin, Joe Biden’s bookkeeper during his vice presidency, who also served as Hunter Biden’s business partner and bookkeeper. Furthermore, both Joe and Jim Biden shared the same lawyer, Mel Monzack.

The Politico report raises concerns about whether any of the president’s current or former aides continue to be involved in his relatives’ business affairs. Politico noted that the White House, representatives for Jim and Hunter Biden, and the president’s current and former aides all declined to comment on the matter.