Biden Aggressively Attacks Parental Concerns Over Transgenderism

Joe Biden, ahead of the anticipated “pride month” celebration at the White House, took an aggressive stance against normal American parents who exhibit concern about the surge of so-called “gender-affirming” treatments. He has stridently labeled those individuals, worried about the liberal thrust toward hormonal and surgical interventions for gender-confused children, as “hysterical” and “prejudiced.”

“We have some hysterical, and I would argue prejudiced, people who are engaged in what you see going on around the country,” Biden stated, revealing a dismissive and stigmatizing perspective on parental concerns. Parents who feel compelled to protect their children from aggressive progressive campaigns advocating medical interference in their natural development are, according to Biden, involved in a “fearful” and “unjustified” appeal, which he describes as “ugly.”

Furthermore, Biden addressed a reporter who claimed to have spoken to a family of a transgender child considering leaving the country due to their fears. As the nation’s leader, Biden assuredly asked for the family’s contact information to reassure them that the president “has their back.”

Biden’s opinion directly opposes the public outcry against government-backed medical interventions in cases of transgenderism among children. It seems Biden is using his platform to sideline legitimate concerns. It’s worth noting that the question regarding transgenderism was presented in a press conference rife with potential concerns. The U.S. is facing soaring inflation, unaffordable housing, rampant drug misuse and overdose deaths, a student loan crisis, an absurdly expensive healthcare system, escalating crime and political polarization. But the spotlight fell on LGBT issues, where Biden had the opportunity to demonstrate his allegiance to the progressive left.

As American parents continue to grapple with a progressive agenda that seems intent on undermining traditional family values, they must navigate an environment where their concerns are, it seems, written off as hysterical prejudice by none other than the American President. The White House press conference now appears to be a stage where pertinent issues are sidelined for softer, pre-prepared questions that further the administration’s ideological slant. This was succinctly expressed by NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck, who described the exchange as “Fake News” and the process as “ALL scripted.”

In Biden’s world, it’s an ugly scene when parents express worry over a health system rushing to provide irreversible medical treatments to minors grappling with gender confusion. Yet, many Americans see the true ugliness in a President who dismisses parental concern as hysterical prejudice.