Biden Administration Remains In Denial About Americans And Gas Prices

As everyday Americans are forced to pay more and more money at gas stations, no one else to blame other than Joe Biden himself.

Despite the White House declaring Russian leader Putin as the culprit for higher gas costs, this is nothing more than a red herring. The reality is Biden set America on its current trajectory when he destroyed domestic energy independence last year.

Biden’s war on fossil fuels, fracking, oil drilling, etc., is costing the American people big time. Meanwhile, as the president reaches out to other countries for oil, he’s only increasing the likelihood of energy costs continuing to rise.

However, as all this plays out, it’s become readily apparent that the Biden administration is in deep denial regarding what Americans think of energy production, as explained by National Review.

At this time, the Biden administration alleges that Americans are okay with spending more money on gas to push back against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

To further drive this point home, the White House also cites various polls that indicate Americans’ agreement with higher gas costs under the circumstances.

Meanwhile, Americans have a tough time with higher gas costs in the real world (outside of polls that can be manipulated to produce a specific outcome). Before the war in Europe, gas prices were already higher due to inflation.

Inflation has not disappeared as the costs of gas have skyrocketed. So while the Biden administration tells itself that no one minds spending more on gas, everyday Americans see their paychecks get smaller and smaller.

It doesn’t bode well for families living on a fixed budget or living from paycheck to paycheck. These higher gas prices will make it more difficult for folks to commute to their jobs, travel or otherwise get themselves from point a to point b.

As gas and energy costs soar, the American public needs to understand who is responsible. Despite assertions from the White House, the guilty culprit is none other than Joe Biden.

Biden can point the finger at Putin all he wants. However, Putin is not the one who gutted the Keystone Pipeline, implemented freezes against drilling permits and otherwise stood in the way of American energy production.

Biden employed each of the aforementioned measures to the detriment of the United States. It is time for this president to own up to what he’s done and then reverse each of these measures effective immediately.