Biden Administration Further ‘Crumbles’ In New Poll

During the 2020 presidential race, countless patriots warned that his administration would be an outright disaster if Biden got into office. However, the magnitude and extent of the current disaster in the White House are beyond what anyone could have predicted.

Biden’s weakness in foreign policy has made the United States and international laughing stock and emboldened our enemies to attack. Meanwhile, inflation runs through the roofs, killing earning potential and plunging millions of Americans into debt.

Let’s not also neglect to mention the significant decline of public safety that’s happened on Biden’s watch. The President has done nothing to advocate for law and order. However, he did manage to head to Atlanta, Georgia, to give a divisive speech trashing the filibuster and anyone who disagrees with his elections overhaul bills.

However, while Biden is making a mess of things, the nation is watching and responding accordingly. National Review recently reported on another poll showing how poorly this President is doing.

Over the weekend, CBS News released a brand new poll regarding the public’s assessment of the Biden Administration. This assessment has subsequently revealed that 40% of the American people are nervous about this administration.

By contrast, only 25% of Americans told CBS News that having Biden in the White House has led to feelings of satisfaction and calmness. From here, Biden’s marks across the board only get more pitiful.

75% of the country believes the United States is doing poorly to various degrees. Meanwhile, pluralities of American voters widely disapprove of how Biden is handling public safety, immigration, inflation, Afghanistan, the economy, and even race relations.

Seven out of ten Americans believe the 46th President needs to handle inflation. However, this is something that Biden, Harris, and other administration members are intentionally working to avoid talking about.

Democratic strategists have been bracing themselves for the party to lose the midterms with numbers like these. Throughout 2021 to this very day, polls have shown Republicans in solid positions to take back both chambers of Congress. The poll numbers to come out in just this year alone solidify that Democrats are in for a tough time during the midterms.

On Saturday, Republican Glenn Youngkin was officially sworn into office as the governor of Virginia. With Youngkin’s win coming after more than ten years of Democrats controlling Virginia, conservatives hope this is a bellwether for this year’s midterms.