Biden Administration “Digging Itself” Into A Hole On Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

Florida has successfully used monoclonal antibodies to treat individuals who test positive for COVID. The documented success rate of these treatments is undeniable and even promoted other states to take a page out of Florida’s book regarding these therapies.

Of course, the Biden White House didn’t like this at all. They viewed monoclonal antibodies as a threat to COVID vaccines and booster shots. Never mind that many benefactors of monoclonal antibodies have been folks who already had their COVID vaccines.

Earlier this week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shut down monoclonal antibodies, alleging that the treatments “don’t work” against the Omicron variant and could cause adverse side effects.

Meanwhile, neither the FDA nor the Biden Administration has shown a single clinical study to back up these claims. They don’t even have any peer-reviewed research.

Therefore, the state of Florida pushed back. Governor Ron DeSantis called upon the White House to immediately reverse their decision to interfere with life-saving monoclonal antibodies.

As covered by Twitchy, the response from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki didn’t do the image of the Biden Administration any favors.

In response to pushback against the shutdown of monoclonal antibodies, Psaki spewed some of the ridiculous comments she’s made to date.

According to the White House press secretary, the Administration’s onslaught against monoclonal antibody treatments is rooted against “pseudoscience.” Psaki then inferred that DeSantis is somehow “sowing doubt” about the efficacy of COVID vaccines and boosters.

It isn’t brilliant. For starters, the Florida governor himself is vaccinated. Psaki and others at the White House don’t like that DeSantis isn’t pushing heavy-handed mandates.

Secondly, many people have valid concerns about the side effects of the COVID vaccine, not to mention the documented fact that these shots do not stop a single person from being infected with COVID or transmitting the virus to other individuals.

Of course, these are details that Psaki and other members of the Biden Administration are never going to be forthcoming about.

Until the White House can present some clinical data and peer-review studies to confirm that monoclonal antibody treatments lack effectiveness against Omicron, the FDA should reinstate treatment authorization.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the cancellation of these therapies arrives at the same time as reports about new COVID vaccines for Omicron.

Anyone paying attention can see the Biden Administration is systematically working to eliminate alternative treatment options for COVID so that all people have available to them are vaccines and boosters.