Biden Administration Covertly ‘Scheming To Trample’ Second Amendment Rights

Since 2019, firearms sales have been rising in the United States. Much to the annoyance of anti-gun Democrats, more Americans are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Data shows that a significant number of folks purchasing guns for the very first time are women and minorities. Furthermore, gun owners invest in firearms training classes, ensuring they’re best equipped to defend themselves.

Of course, this rise in gun ownership is horrifying to the Biden Administration. There’s nothing they want more than to crack down against law-abiding gun owners while simultaneously letting criminals break laws with impunity.

The anti-gun agenda of the Biden Administration explains new details regarding the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), as the Washington Free Beacon covers.

In a disclosure to lawmakers, the ATF revealed its possession of a database documenting gun purchase records to the tune of almost one billion. The ATF has these records in digital form and as hard copies.

This news comes despite the legal prohibition of federal gun databases. Amid this revelation from the ATF, Republicans have accused the Biden Administration of working around Congress to wage various attacks against lawful firearms owners.

On top of this, the Biden White House is pushing for gun stores to no longer destroy gun sale records after two decades. Instead, this Administration wants gun stores to be legally mandated to hand over all records to the ATF.

Biden’s desired endgame is a backdoor creation of a federal gun registry. Meanwhile, the ATF asserts its database is not used to surveil firearms owners.

Many Americans who care about the right to keep and bear arms have raised red flags regarding the ATF’s gun purchase database.

Gun Owners of America came out with a statement warning that if Second Amendment supporters don’t take a stand, the ATF may one day be able to violate gun owners’ rights and ultimately confiscate firearms.

Because several top Democrats are on record supporting mandatory buyback programs, the warning from Gun Owners of America should not be taken lightly.

Biden himself remains a direct enemy to the Second Amendment and gun owners. He’s on record backing numerous anti-gun proposals, even going as far as promising to “defeat” the National Rifle Association.