Biden Administration Confronts US Concert Crisis?

The Biden Administration proved how out of touch they are with American needs on Saturday when Joe Biden announced there were plans to tackle the high price of concert tickets. Yes, you read that right.

This may not come as news to many who spent their pre-pandemic lives flocking to amphitheaters. Pollstar reported in June 2022 that the average cost of a concert ticket had jumped 17.8% from 2019 prices. Back then, the average ticket would run you $94.83. Today, the Wall Street Journal reports it’ll cost you $252.

Many Americans who are still hanging onto the idea of getting “back to normal” are certainly griping about the cost of jamming to Beyonce or Taylor Swift in person.

Tickets to see Taylor Swift have been spotted for resale on sites like StubHub to the tune of more than $22,500.

Live music lovers have been lamenting for years over the increasing price of concert tickets as they remain at the mercy of fees attached by ticket sellers like StubHub, Ticketmaster, Live Nation and SeatGeek.

Monopolizing the system has served these private interests well, and at great expense to their customers. Still, isn’t it every American’s choice how they spend their dollar? Do we need to be saved from overspending or splurging on entertainment? Attempts by the government to get involved and quash the quandary have fizzled thus far.

So Biden’s concern for concertgoers’ wallets isn’t unfounded, but his priorities are still certainly misplaced.

Most reasonable Americans understand they may be priced out of things they want, and they expect their president to focus more on what they need.

As the price of gas to fuel the cars the American people cannot afford to buy or repair continues to skyrocket, and utility costs keep our thermostats at 2023-friendly settings, we must question: Should concertgoers be the top concern for the president right now? We think not.