Biden Administration Caught In New Lie Regarding Supply Chain Crisis

The Biden administration has no shame whatsoever. This White House is lying, abusing its power, and expecting Americans to believe it’s all fine. This administration even has the gall to pretend like they’re doing Americans a favor. 

On so many issues, the Biden administration demonstrated its feckless incompetence. The southern border is one prime example. Other instances entail the rising lack of public safety, pushing through unconstitutional federal COVID vaccine mandates, and much more. 

However, one of the most recent cases that prove the uselessness of the Biden administration is the supply chain crisis. Now, the White House tried to write off the supply chain crisis as nothing more than an offshoot of consumer spending. However, as documented by Twitchy, this was an outright lie. 

Last month, consumer spending rose at a nominal rate of 0.6%. However, this was largely overshadowed by inflation’s annual increase of 4.4%. These numbers speak volumes. Furthermore, they directly contradict the lousy bill of goods the White House tries to sell Americans. 

This month, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg declared multiple times that problems with the supply chain merely boil down to lots of spending from Americans. However, a 0.6% spending rate directly proves that Buttigieg lied to cover up the failures of the Biden administration. 

The reality is the supply chain crisis boils down to a lockdown, staff shortages, and, most recently, the COVID vaccine mandates the White House is forcing upon workers. The Biden administration knew this from the jump. Yet, they were hoping the American public wouldn’t catch onto their shameful lies. 

Finally, it’s important to note that consumer confidence is actually at all-time lows. The White House also claimed Americans have more money, but this, too, was a falsehood. Inflation is outpacing wages. Furthermore, people are paying more money across the board. 

Joe Biden should be impeached and thrown out of office for what he’s done to America. Harris and Pelosi should join him as well. 

Each one of these people are enemies of the nation. They’re enemies of freedom who want to destroy America and remake it into a socialist dystopia. That’s why Biden keeps saying he’s “building back better” even as the country is going down the drain. 

Who knows what crises will result from the stifled supply chain at this rate? Buckle up, America.