Beto O’Rourke’s Run For Texas Governor Isn’t Going So Well

Across the country, there are a host of governor’s races happening. As Americans have been able to see over the past couple of years amid all that’s happened with COVID, who is sitting in a state’s governor’s mansion truly does make a significant difference.

It matters so greatly that many Americans leave states with Democratic governors running the show. As folks flee these states, they’re moving to red states with Republican leadership at the helm.

Despite this, there are still some Democrats who have tossed their hats in the ring this election season, looking to gain even more power.

One prime example of this is Texas, where Democrat Beto O’Rourke is the next governor. However, as pointed out by American Thinker, O’Rourke’s gubernatorial ambitions aren’t panning out so well.

The Texas Democrat is currently running a gubernatorial campaign based on lies about Governor Abbott. O’Rourke can’t challenge Abbott in the arenas of policies and ideas, after all. Every day, the nation is turning against leftist policies, which doesn’t quite fit well with a Democrat trying to be governor of Texas.

Thus far, O’Rourke has planned many campaign events throughout the Lone Star State. The Texas Democrat is hoping this will assist him in beating Abbott. However, recent polls have shown the governor ahead of O’Rourke by 11 points.

This margin also marks a five-point gain on Abbott’s end since O’Rourke declared his candidacy back in November. As Texas faces severe winter weather, the Texas Democrat is desperately hoping for adverse impacts to the state’s power grid so he can use it for political gain.

O’Rourke is at least mildly aware of all that’s stacked against him in the Texas governor’s race. After all, he’s gone on record, standing by extreme anti-gun policies.

Despite O’Rourke stating that he’s not interested in Biden helping him throughout his gubernatorial campaign, O’Rourke as Texas governor would be a rubber stamp for the current Administration.

At this point, the onus lies on Texas voters to ensure that O’Rourke cannot weasel his way into the state’s governor’s mansion. After all, many folks have fled blue states and moved to Texas to enjoy the policies put in place by conservative leaders.

If O’Rourke succeeds in taking Texas, the state will become the next version of New York or California in no time.