Bernie Sanders Has A “Complete Meltdown”

It’s a bad moment to be a far-left Democrat. Radical leftists are fuming over their failed attempts to gain more power.

Earlier this month, Senate Democrats employed the “nuclear” voting option to takedown the filibuster. Leftists justified this by stating the filibuster was racist and a threat to democracy, despite Democrats’ long history of using the filibuster when it served their ends.

Nevertheless, Democrat senators tried to destroy the filibuster, and they failed. They failed because all 50 Senate Republicans voted to keep the filibuster in place, as did two moderate Senate Democrats, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

Democrats won’t pass their Build Back Better Act or the two election overhaul bills that remain stalled in the upper congressional chamber with the filibuster in place.

The reality of this led to socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders having a meltdown during a CNN interview, as covered by Breitbart News.

While speaking with CNN’s Dana Bash, Sanders went on an unintelligible tangent against both Republicans in the Senate, along with Sinema and Manchin.

The self-proclaimed Democratic-socialist declared that Sinema and Manchin are working with the GOP to “sabotage” Biden. After declaring that conservatives are having a good laugh at the November midterms, Sanders accused Republicans of “getting away with murder.”

Amid this troubling rant, it seemingly never occurred to Sanders that there might be legitimate reasons for bipartisan opposition against the Build Back Better Act and the takedown of the filibuster.

Towards the end of this time on CNN, Sanders lamented the “frustrating” nature of Republicans and moderate Democrats who won’t kiss the ring and vote for whatever Biden demands them to vote for.

At the rate things are going, 2022 may very well be the demise of the radical, hard left. After all, several of their radical agendas have been thwarted, and the first month of the year isn’t even over yet.

The arrogant disposition displayed by Sanders during his time on CNN is precisely why the nation is tiring of Democrats. It’s why the polls show Republicans sweeping Democrats in the midterms later this year.

If hard leftists like Sanders and Biden could open their eyes, they’d see their agendas are not keeping with what most of the nation wants. The Senate voted in a bipartisan fashion against Build Back Better and against trashing the filibuster. In and of itself, that speaks volumes.

The reality that Democrats cannot see what is so very clearly before them is all the more reason why they shouldn’t be in power.