Bernie Sanders Bites Off More Than He Can Chew With Elon Musk

If there’s one thing socialists love, it’s taking other people’s money. Please make no mistake: socialists always come up with reasons that justify taking the money that belongs to someone else. 

One of the most common socialist arguments is that the wealthy must “pay their fair share.” Yet, socialists can never explain what “fair share” they’re owed of the fruits from someone else’s labor. 

Here’s the reality of the situation, though. Socialists need other people’s money to pay for foolish, big government projects. It is why lawmakers like Bernie Sanders constantly call for higher taxes. 

However, in Sanders’ case, he crossed a line, leading him to tangle with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, as reported by Fox Business

When Sanders took to Twitter, things kicked off and sanctimoniously professed America must insist upon wealthy folks “paying their fair share” in taxes. Later, Musk replied, noting that he routinely forgets the socialist senator is still alive. 

Musk then followed up by asking Sanders to merely “say the word” if he’d like for more Tesla shares to be sold. In response to other Twitter users, Musk classified Sanders as a “taker” rather than an individual who is a “maker.” 

According to Fox Business, the press office for the socialist senator has refused to make any comments about this social media exchange. 

With that noted, this is far from the first time that Musk and Sanders have butted heads. Back in March, Sanders took shots at the Tesla CEO for choosing to go into space. Later, Musk fired back, noting that his space travels make positive contributions to society. 

Elon Musk hit the nail on the head when he classified Sanders as a “taker” rather than a “maker.” Sanders wants to take away the hard-earned money of Americans via taxes; he then wants to blow this on wasteful programs that expand the role of government. 

Musk, by contrast, is a maker of a company and of jobs that allow countless people to support themselves and feed their families. Sanders, unlike Musk, has never created a single job in his life. Yet somehow, this doesn’t stop the socialist senator from grandstanding via Twitter. 

Quite frankly, the United States would benefit from having more people like Elon Musk and fewer folks like Bernie Sanders. America needs jobs and innovation, not socialism and higher taxes. 

Two points for Elon Musk, zero points for Bernie Sanders.