Ben Shapiro Gives Leftists A Crucial Reality Check On COVID

Over the past couple of years, leftists have done everything possible to turn COVID into a political weapon to gain more power and control. They’ve used this virus to pass various mandates in the name of science, even as these mandates go against science.

However, towards the end of 2021, the tide began to turn. Suddenly, the pro-mandate radicals began acknowledging some truths that conservatives and others were speaking out about since early to mid-2020.

The shift in attitudes is happening due to this year’s midterm elections. Democrats see their policies lacking popularity and are likely to hand swift, landslide wins to Republicans.

With that in mind, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro has done an excellent job pointing out the reality of where we are as a nation when it comes to COVID, as noted by Twitchy.

In a Twitter thread, Shapiro makes a note of how health officials are finally acknowledging the truth about cloth masks not stopping Omicron, the ability of the vaccinated to catch and transmit COVID, along with the reality of people going to hospitals with COVID and not strictly because of the virus.

Shapiro also points out natural immunity’s role in lessening the severe nature of Omicron. It comes on top of the commentator, noting the importance of societal needs, not wasting COVID tests on asymptomatic people, and focusing on COVID hospitalizations and deaths rather than just numbers of cases.

Towards the end of the thread, Shapiro states that Americans have been saying this since May 2020, but health officials and other pro-mandate folks chose not to listen. They didn’t listen because ragging Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and Republican-run states were more important than acknowledging truth and science.

Finally, Shapiro urged individuals with these mindsets to remain in blue states and live with the dystopian mandates they’ve been cheerleaders of for so long.

2022 might turn out to be the year that things start to turn around finally. On January 7, the Supreme Court will hear challenges against the COVID vaccine mandates that Biden has been so determined to put into law.

Some conservatives remain optimistic that the Supreme Court will ultimately rule against these mandates. Likewise, Americans have the midterms coming up in November. These races will make a massive difference in the country.

Voters will have the chance to restore congressional power to Republicans, thereby stopping inflation, terrible spending bills, and other agendas of the Biden Administration from passing into law.