Baby Formula Shortage Now Critical, But Not For The Biden Administration

As American families struggle with shelves empty of baby formula, shocking pictures from a migrant processing center in McAllen, Texas show stacked pallets and overflowing shelves. And this is just one example of clearly misplaced priorities in the Biden administration.

As Rep Kat Cammack (R-FL), who shared the pictures online said, “This is what American last looks like.” It is difficult to realize that babies in the U.S. are going without formula that is a supplement or substitute for breast milk. A full 40% of store shelves that once held formula are now bare.

Experts say the country is enduring the worst baby formula shortage in decades. This shortage is not only making feeding infants difficult, babies who have medical conditions that require special formulas along with adults with similar issues are increasingly at risk.

The crisis goes back to Abbott Laboratories, a manufacturer of formulas and baby foods. It was forced to close its Sturgis, Michigan, facility in February after reports of contamination and the deaths of two infants.

Abbott said in a statement Wednesday that its hope is to restart the Sturgis plant within two weeks. This depends on Food and Drug Administration approval and even then, it will likely be two months before the new supply reaches store shelves.

One mother, Phoebe Carter, is intensely lobbying parents and caregivers to pressure Congress into action. Her 5-year-old son John has severe Eosinophilic Esophagitis, a rare disease triggered by a faulty immune response to food antigens.

Thus, he needs a specialized formula to survive, a formula that is nearly impossible to find. Carter says that if the situation is not resolved soon, she doesn’t know how he will survive. She laments that “if, God forbid, a family member of President Biden” were similarly ill, the crisis would be solved.

As experts warn the U.S. has entered a dangerous phase of the baby formula shortage, new White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had an interesting reaction to a reporter’s question about the crisis. She laughed.

Karine Jean-Pierre gave that surprising response when asked who in the administration is “running point on the formula issue.” Jean-Pierre responded, while laughing, that she did not know but will find out.

May we expect this same reaction from the administration to questions about the Supreme Court? Doubtful, and stocking shelves to ensure illegal migrants are served while infants at home go without is spectacularly misguided.